I’m Carly Rae Robinson.

I  am the watercolor artist behind Carly Rae Studio, who runs on tea (4 gigantic mugs a day), Mexican food and red wine. I am a wife to an incredible man (Max) and dog mom to an incredible pup (Ziggy). I am also a yogi, bookworm, sports fanatic, wine-lover, Kansas City advocate, scuba diver, Mexican food connoisseur and expert sunbather. I prefer to always have at least 3 exciting adventures on my calendar and the “uniform” you can catch me in most days of the week is jeans and Birkenstocks (always without socks though!).

Carly Rae Studio started in 2013, when I was in college working towards a degree in art education. After a year of teaching, I decided to make art a full-time career. I love what I do for "work" now; a blend between painting, running a creative business, pop-up shops/events and teaching workshops.

My artwork is detailed and whimsical, often made up of tiny flowers. I am inspired by color, patterns, Kansas City, sports, and nature: flowers, the ocean, the forest, the sky, animals, sunshine, palm trees and seashells. 

I love creating paintings that makes people smile, and allow them to express themselves and what they love. They make thoughtful and personal gifts, as well as unique decor for homes, nurseries, special events, offices and more. My artwork has been sold in stores around the US, such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Kohl’s and many local Kansas City boutiques. My newest designs are available in my shop.